Mission Moon
(A journey to the Moon)

Embark on an Extraordinary Lunar Journey with Mission Moon at Camlica Tower

Venture beyond the confines of Earth and step into the thrilling unknown with Mission Moon, housed within Istanbul’s iconic Camlica Tower. Experience the year 2081 as never before, as you embark on a highly immersive and interactive space adventure that transports you straight to the moon.

Suitable for all explorers aged three and up, Mission Moon is a vibrant blend of exploration, entertainment, and awe-inspiring possibilities of the cosmos. You and your team of up to six people are invited to take on an exciting task: seek out, locate, and gather the NZC-35, a rare mineral found exclusively on the lunar surface.

As part of the narrative set by the Turkish Space Agency, your journey takes you to a research base on the moon, where you’ll step into the shoes of astronauts and contribute to the unraveling mysteries of the universe.

Mission Moon comprises six intriguing modules, each a unique universe unto itself. From the thrill-inducing Rocket Simulator to the mysteries awaiting at the lunar base, each module promises a unique facet of this awe-inspiring interstellar journey. For those who prefer a less intense experience, the journey can continue seamlessly to the next module, bypassing the Rocket Simulator.

Designed to captivate your imagination for around 35-40 minutes, Mission Moon is more than just an attraction. It’s a gateway to the cosmos, a one-of-a-kind journey where the excitement of space exploration comes alive, right here in Istanbul.

So why wait? Unlock the doors to the universe with Mission Moon at Camlica Tower. Dive headfirst into a world where education meets entertainment, and where the breathtaking spectacle of space exploration is just a step away. Experience the cosmic magic, right here, right now!



Experience Istanbul from Above with Seyyah 360 at Camlica Tower

Get ready for a magical journey that captures the heart and soul of Istanbul in an utterly unique way, with Seyyah 360, situated within the majestic Camlica Tower. Seyyah 360 offers a multi-dimensional film experience that encapsulates the beauty and grandeur of Istanbul in breathtaking detail, all while you sit back and relax.

Prepare to be whisked away over the cityscape as Seyyah 360 takes you on an unforgettable aerial tour of Istanbul. Experience the sensation of soaring high above the city’s rooftops, capturing panoramic views of the city’s stunning landmarks, historic districts, and the sparkling waterways.

Using state-of-the-art film technology, Seyyah 360 creates an immersive visual experience that brings Istanbul’s magic to life right before your eyes. As you sit comfortably, watch the city unfurl beneath you, its every hidden gem and well-known wonder portrayed from an unparalleled perspective.

So why wait? Embark on an enchanting journey with Seyyah 360 at Camlica Tower. It’s not just a tour, but an awe-inspiring adventure that allows you to witness and appreciate Istanbul in a whole new light, right from your seat. Let Seyyah 360 reveal the timeless beauty of this city in a way you’ll never forget.

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