Cancellations must be done directly from the booking system according to the applicable cancellation policy. In case of any technical problems, the buyer can contact via email from the address Each tour and excursion’s cancellation policy is specifically stated on tour’s or excursion’s page. The buyer is obliged to read thoroughly all the rules and policies before completing the booking. If the Buyer completes a booking, this means that he/she agrees to admit the determined terms and conditions of the tour or excursion along with the cancellation policy. The cancellations that are made after the cancellation deadline are subject to the determined amount of cancellation penalty. The cancellation penalties are final and non-negotiable.

In case of an emergency, health problem, death of a first degree relative, force major such as war, strike, pandemic, act of God disasters (earthquake, tsunami, etc…) the buyer must contact to immediately via email from the address with the explanation of the situation along with official documents proving the force majeure situation or the emergency, health problem and death. reserves the right to reflect the fee of loss or damage to the Buyer, when it is caused by the cancellation of the tour/excursion. reserves the right to change the date of a tour/ excursion with a written notification a reasonable amount of time prior to the starting date of the tour/excursion pr cancel the tour/excursion directly. The Buyer can get a full refund for the bookings that are cancelled by offers two options for date changes: (i)the Buyer can cancel the booking without cancellation penalties, in case the new date does not fit his/her schedule; (ii)the Buyer can approve the date change and use all the rights and services that are applicable to the tour/excursion that he/she bought in the first place on a new date determined by Either way, the Buyer must inform about his/her decision in written form. Otherwise, reserves the right to cancel the booking without waiting any longer.
Cancellations or amendments that are directly made by the Buyer with hotels, transfer suppliers, tour suppliers does not create a binding agreement for only take into account the Cancellation and Amendment policies that are mentioned on page, which can be monitored before, during and after the booking. The Buyer is obliged to pay the cancellation penalty applicable for the related tour/ excursion regardless of suppliers’ decisions.

In the event that the guests do not show up on determined meeting place on determined time for the tour/excursion (the information is provided before and during the booking process; and can be checked from the Tour/Excursion voucher after the booking), the case is considered as a No Show; and the Buyer can demand no refunds.
In the event that the guests complain from a certain service included in their service and demand refund, they have to state their case in written form via email from the address with the explanation of the situation along with official documents proving the defection of service. discusses the issue with the supplier and decides whether the situation requires a refund or not according to the strictly determined rules and regulation that are mentioned in Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions that have to the thoroughly read and signed by the Buyer before completing the booking.