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Breathtaking Views, Unforgettable Experiences!

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10:00 – 22:00

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Discover Camlica Tower with a Complimentary Turkish Tea Experience (Skip the Line)

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Visit of Camlica Tower with Hotel Transfer & Premium Lunch or Dinner (Skip the Line)

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Discovering Camlica Tower with Hotel Transfer & Lunch or Dinner Experience (Skip the Line)

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Camlica Tower Discovery with Hotel Transfer & Breakfast Experience (Skip the Line)

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Discover Istanbul's Gem: 6 Reasons to Visit Camlica Tower

  • Unique Panoramic View:Camlica Tower offers a breathtaking 360-degree glimpse of Istanbul.
  • Excelent Dining Experience:Savor delectable meals paired with stunning city vistas at the tower’s restaurants.
  • Historical and Cultural Richness: Camlica Tower stands as a testament to Istanbul’s storied past and vibrant culture.
  • Relaxing Green Spaces:Escape the city’s bustle with tranquil parks and greenery surrounding the tower.
  • Exciting Seyyah 360 Experince: Dive into a virtual panoramic tour of Istanbul’s wonders from Camlica.
  • Unique Mission Moon: Experience a lunar adventure with Camlica’s interactive Mission Moon exhibit.

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seyyah 360

Seyyah 360

Dive into the heart of Istanbul with Seyyah 360's multi-dimensional film experience at Camlica Tower.

Restaurant & Café

Savor the flavors of Istanbul at 360 Kule Cafe & Restaurant, offering exquisite dining with an view.

Mission Moon

Mission Moon offers an exciting space journey to the Moon envisioning a fun-filled future.​

sunset camlica tower

Sky High: The Camlica Tower Journey

Ascend to the top of Istanbul at Camlica Tower. Discover unparalleled views, historic wonders, and the city’s heartbeat from our sky-high vantage point. Embrace Istanbul’s splendor in a journey like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camlica Tower

Absolutely, you can! We suggest buying your tickets online to streamline your visit. 

Check Please

Visitors can explore Camlica Tower from as early as 10:00 until 22:00.

Conveniently accessible through public transit and taxi services, Camlica Tower can be reached by a one-way taxi ride from the European side costing around 40 euros. Public transport commuters can take the Marmaray line to Üsküdar station, followed by the bus number 15 from Üsküdar to Camlica. Additionally, taxis can take you straight to the Tower. If you are driving, there is parking available at Camlica Tower.

We are proud to declare that Camlica Tower is fully equipped to welcome wheelchair users. We are committed to making the awe-inspiring views and facilities the tower offers accessible to all visitors.

Once your ticket is in hand, feel free to enjoy our vast gardens or explore indoor facilities within the Tower like our cafeteria and various activity areas.

To let all our visitors sufficiently appreciate the views, we allow a visit duration of up to an hour and a half on our observation decks.

No, Camlica Tower enforces a strict no-smoking policy for security reasons and to maintain a pleasant environment for all visitors.

Your ticket is valid for the date of purchase only. Please ensure you use it on the allocated day.

We kindly urge visitors to stick to the specified entry hours on the tickets to prevent overcrowding and any potential inconvenience due to health and safety measures.

The commanding structure of Camlica Tower reaches a remarkable 369 meters, making it one of Istanbul’s tallest and most striking landmarks, affording sweeping panoramic views of Istanbul’s impressive cityscape.

Camlica Tower houses a variety of dining establishments that cater to diverse palates. You can enjoy delightful restaurants and cafes, all offering extensive dining options coupled with awe-inspiring city views. From light bites, leisurely lunches to fine dining, there’s something to satiate every culinary craving.

Camlica Tower, offering unparalleled panoramic views of Istanbul, is an unmissable destination for any Istanbul visitor. Beyond the unique bird’s-eye view of the city, the tower is home to various amenities like restaurants, cafes, and exhibitions, promising an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Certainly! Ensuring our visitors’ safety is our utmost concern. We have extensive safety protocols and measures in place to guarantee a secure visit to Camlica Tower. However, we encourage all visitors to stay alert and adhere to all safety guidelines during their visit.

To evade the crowd and enjoy either an enchanting sunrise or sunset from the tower’s observation deck, we suggest visiting Camlica Tower Istanbul in the early morning or late afternoon.

Definitely, photographers will love it here! We encourage visitors to capture the breathtaking views from Camlica Tower, a popular spot renowned for its unparalleled views of Istanbul’s skyline.

Yes, designated parking spots are available near the Tower for those coming by car.

For everyone’s safety and security, Camlica Tower prohibits luggage, backpacks, bottles with liquid content, and metal items. After security checks, your personal items can be stored safely in the cloakroom.

For the comfort and safety of all visitors, pets are not allowed inside Camlica Tower. We advise you to make appropriate arrangements for your pets before your visit.

Camlica Tower, also known as the Küçük Çamlıca TV Radio Tower (Turkish: Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radyo Kulesi), is a multi-purpose destination. It’s not just a television and radio broadcasting tower, but also offers a host of

If you’ve reserved your spot, you’ll have access to the observation deck at the confirmed time. Please note there might be minor delays due to extra hygiene procedures or coordinating the departure of previous visitors.