Observation Floor 2

(34th Floor)

Experience Istanbul from New Heights at the Camlica Tower

Perched at an astouænding height of 153 meters, on the 34th floor of the Camlica Tower, is the Observation Deck 2, an awe-inspiring feature of the tower. It is here that visitors are treated to a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the captivating city of Istanbul.

With every turn, the Observation Deck 2 unveils a different face of Istanbul. Each direction tells a different story, allowing visitors to appreciate the city’s diverse character and beauty. The deck offers a bird’s-eye view that reveals the distinct harmony between Istanbul’s historic legacy and its modern dynamism.

Facing North, the eyes are drawn to the beautiful blend of lush greenery and modern architectural structures. The sight of expansive forests coexisting with the bustling city is truly a testament to Istanbul’s unique urban composition.

To the East, the vista unfolds to reveal the rich tapestry of the Asian side of Istanbul. Here, the past and the present coexist, reflected in the landscape that features both contemporary developments and historical landmarks.

The Southward view offers a stunning panorama of the sparkling Marmara Sea, dotted with the Princes’ Islands. On the horizon, the silhouette of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, with its iconic monuments, lends an air of timeless allure to the scene.

When you turn West, you are greeted by the pulsating heart of Istanbul – the European side of the city, with the Bosporus Strait carving a meandering path between two continents. Witness the ceaseless motion of vessels on the turquoise waters, weaving an ever-changing pattern against the backdrop of the cityscape.

Observation Deck 2 offers an unrivaled opportunity to understand Istanbul’s geographical and architectural magnificence in its entirety. Whether you’re a traveler seeking an unforgettable vista, a photographer in search of the perfect skyline shot, or simply someone who appreciates exceptional cityscapes, the second Observation Deck at Camlica Tower is an experience you don’t want to miss. Join us, and relish Istanbul’s spellbinding panorama like never before.”