Seyyah 360

Immerse Yourself in Istanbul's Beauty with Seyyah 360 at Camlica Tower

Experience the breathtaking allure of Istanbul like never before with Seyyah 360. Housed within the iconic Camlica Tower, Seyyah 360 provides a multi-dimensional film experience that takes you on an unforgettable journey through Istanbul’s stunning landscapes, all from the comfort of your seat.

Prepare to soar over the city’s rooftops, taking in all the wonders Istanbul has to offer. With Seyyah 360, you will feel as if you’re truly flying over Istanbul, savoring a bird’s-eye view of its majestic landmarks, historic neighborhoods, and shimmering waters.

Seyyah 360’s state-of-the-art film technology creates an immersive experience that brings the city’s magic right before your eyes. Watch as Istanbul unfolds beneath you, and enjoy the thrill of exploring its nooks and crannies from a perspective like no other.

Join us at Camlica Tower and experience the mesmerizing journey of Seyyah 360. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy an Istanbul tour without leaving your seat, an adventure that will leave you with an even deeper appreciation of this timeless city.