Observation Floor 1

(33th Floor)

Discover Istanbul's Spectacular Panorama at the Camlica Tower Observation Deck

Located at a soaring height of 148.50 meters, on the 33rd floor of the impressive Camlica Tower, you’ll find one of the most captivating experiences Istanbul has to offer – the Observation Deck. This exceptional vantage point offers 360-degree panoramic views, providing a unique and all-encompassing perspective of the sprawling city below.

From this elevated perspective, the city of Istanbul unfolds before your eyes in a breathtaking panorama. Each direction offers a different slice of Istanbul’s diverse urban tapestry. As you move around the deck, the city seamlessly transitions from one distinctive vista to another, painting a comprehensive picture of Istanbul’s geographical and architectural variety.

Looking North, witness the seamless blend of nature and city with lush green forests intermingling with residential and commercial buildings. To the East, behold the beauty of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, home to iconic landmarks and a vast expanse of the vibrant cityscape.

As you shift your gaze to the South, the shimmering waters of the Marmara Sea come into view, dotted with the Princes’ Islands that add a unique charm to the scene. Here, the sea meets the city, with the historic peninsula and its centuries-old monuments looming in the distance.

Turn to the West, and you will be greeted with the view of the European side of Istanbul. Watch the bustling life along the Bosporus Strait, the vibrant connecting line between Europe and Asia, with ferries leaving white trails on the turquoise waters.

Each view from the Observation Deck is a testament to Istanbul’s rich historical, cultural, and architectural diversity. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast seeking the perfect shot, a traveler craving unparalleled city views, or a romantic looking for a sunset vista, the Observation Deck at Camlica Tower promises an unforgettable experience. So, come and uncover Istanbul’s magnificent beauty from an entirely new and spectacular perspective.